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We're proud to announce that we have won the Award of the Best Student Game at Playcrafting's '16 Bit Awards event in New York! Thanks for all your support!

Afterward is a dynamic & tactical oriented Action-RPG in top-down view playable using a game controller.
It's a solo game developed with Unity 5 within a year by a team of seven students from Supinfogame Rubika, as our graduation project. It is currently a demo lasting about half an hour :)


Afterward takes place in a far future, long after a disaster submersed most of the Earth. Humans returned to a tribal way of life and only few itinerants individuals, called the Shamans, have kept the knowledge of technology.

The shamans are perceived as demi-gods by the tribes. You embody a female shaman who uses her control of technology to fight techno-organic creatures by projecting distorsions on the battlefield.

With the help of your distorsions, you are going to explore a newly discovered land, solve puzzles and fight your way to understand the mysterious apparition of hostile creatures.


Game Designers

Game Artists

Game Programmer


  • Lavainya Ganapathy - 3D & 2D Art
  • Jeremiah Rada Oriendo - Programming
  • Yuuki Takada - Programming

Big thanks to our referent Jonathan Colin, our pedagogic team, and everyone else who helped us on the project: Aurélien Bouffard, Mickaël Verbeke for the character animation, Valentin Besson, Maxime Conquy, Marie Koller, Philippe Thomazie, Jeffrey Nicar for the environment art, and Chloé Ravallec for the original concept!


Download. Unzip. Run. Play.

You only need Windows and a gamepad.

  • Move - Left Stick
  • Aim - Right Stick (click: select all distorsions)
  • Project distorsion - RT
  • Recall distorsion - LT
  • Select distorsion - LB/RB
  • Melee hit - X
  • Ghost mode - A
  • Vortex effect - Y
  • Cutter effect - B

Known issues:

  • Game doesn't launch or is very slow - try to lower the quality settings
  • Game crashes during fight - try to reinstall your xbox controller driver

Let us know if you encounter another issue and what you think of the game!


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This game was fun and challenging without being so difficult I thought I wouldn't be able to finish. I even enjoyed solving the puzzles. I'm not sure if I got to the end or not though. I finished the boss fight and as it was going through the death animations I got taken immediately to the start menu. Was that supposed to happen?


Yes, the game is actually a prototype, and we haven't set a proper ending screen. So congrats, you indeed finished it! We're glad you liked it!

Cool! Thanks for responding =)


Quite beautiful and challenging! Nice!


This is a really cool and unique little adventure game. The graphics are all bright and pleasant to look at, the music is calming and works with the world, and the games story is interesting. I got major Horizon Zero Dawn vibes from this game when I read the summery for it. You play as one of the few people who are still able to wield technology known as a shaman. This group of people are idolized by the rest of the world and also look to the Shamans for protection. This game isn't very long but is rather fun to play and unfold the story. I would love to see this game worked on more and developed into a full story. There's a lot the developers could go with when it comes to adding more levels, enemies, fighting moves. I hope to see them add more and look forward to a, hopefully, full release. I did a video on my experience with the prototype if anyone is interested.



Thanks a lot for playing our game and sharing about it! We're glad that you like it! Afterward's story indeed has similarities with Horizon Zero Dawn, but Horizon was actually announced after we started the production of Afterward! And we had the chance to have as our referent Jonathan Colin, who is a game animator at Guerrilla on Horizon Zero Dawn :)

We would love to develop the game further as well; right now it is not planned, but if the occasion presents itself, nothing's impossible!


Also, we have indeed been nominated for the '16 Bit Awards which is an event organized by Playcrafting NYC : https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-16-bit-awards-tic... . The ceremony is on the 15th of December, so fingers crossed!

As for the bugs you encountered, we've taken note of them. This shadow thing is weird indeed, never had that before, sorry that you experienced it!

And yes, the game is a demo, or more exactly a prototype that we created as our graduation project. :)